Gas Geochemistry Specialists -

Integrating Gas Geochemistry, Engineering and Geological Data
for Natural Gas Exploration and Development provides the energy industry with solutions to natural gas field charge risk and development questions. Using gas geochemistry, we assess gas origin, predict gas composition, identify pay zones, assess reservoir compartmentalization, and allocate commingled gas production.

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Using gas geochemistry to determine the origin of petroleum gas and gas seeps
Using Gas Geochemistry to Assess the Likelihood of Down-dip Oil
Evaluating the Risk of Encountering Non-hydrocarbon Gas Contaminants (CO2, N2, H2S)
Using mud gas geochemistry to identify pay zones, assess hydrocarbon type, and and evaluate reservoir compartmentalization
Using Gas Geochemistry to Assess Gas Reservoir Compartmentalization
Using Gas Geochemistry to Allocate Commingled Gas Production
Using gas geochemistry to distinguish landfill gas
Assessing mercury risk in gas accumulations

Gas Hydrates (Gas Clathrates


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